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Design. We want your website to be appealing, but also to be laid out in a way that improves customer trust and user experience.

Responsive Design. your website should reacts to how it’s being viewed – whether on a cell phone, tablet, or computer screen. A mobile-friendly website is no longer an optional service, it's a must!

Custom Programming. Whether it's integrating design elements you would like, or the ability to make your back-end ecommerce function in a way that saves you time, we can customize it to fit your needs.

Search Engine Optimization. This is no longer a service that can be separated from web design. Your website designer should have a basic understanding of the website structure and coding factors that influence your visibility on search engines.

Social Media Marketing. The level of social media marketing you need may vary. For some people, social media is simply part of running a business online! For many others, social media is a marketing function that isn’t in their skill set. A digital marketing company should be willing to do anything from provide basic training, to full management of social media accounts.

Branding and Identity. Your company should be recognizable to anyone, anywhere. Your marketing firm should be able to help with branding and identity services, designing logos and imagery consistent with your company’s identity and attitude..

Content Marketing. Companies of all sizes can benefit from a content marketing approach. This is a service that cannot be “one size fits all” – for some companies, it involves regular blogging, while for others, it may be a lengthy campaign surrounding an infographic, checklist and free ebook.

Blogging. Speaking of content! Blogging is an incredible digital marketing tool – every new post is a combination of brand identity, prospect education, and search engine optimization. Your digital marketing company should be able to help you by providing guidance about blog topics, as well as offering copywriting services if needed.

Email Marketing. Collecting contact information from your website and blog visitors is only the beginning of your online presence, but doing something with that information is what really matters. Some companies would like to use their email marketing as means to educate and inform their followers, while for others, email marketing is a way to notify subscribers of promotions and new products.

Search Engine Optimization and Analytics. We will work to have a meaningful impact in your search visibility and organic traffic. We will set up the right analytics tools so you can monitor where their traffic is coming from and the keywords that your website is ranking for, and makes marketing suggestions based on this information.